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BlueTick VR

Our Story

BlueTick VR envisions to make it incredibly experiential & easy for every property buyer to find and own the property of their dreams, long before laying a single brick in construction.

Founder’s Story

My family was actively looking to purchase a property around the Dusherra season of 2018. We were sure we wanted an upcoming project because we wanted to cash-in on the appraisal that will happen in the next 2-3 years until we get possession. 


Being first time buyers, home discovery was extremely difficult for us. Given the size of the transaction (it was one of the  most significant investments we were going to make) and the general sense of distrust everyone had on Developers at that time, we were really cautious on whichever project we shortlisted.


We would allot one day every week for property hunting. And by the end of the day, we would have heard so many salespeople recite the same pitch,  seen so many similar-looking brochures/sample flats, that it would be chaos in our heads. Apart from the Brand name and the price points, there was hardly any information that will stick with us beyond a couple of hours, as none of the properties stood out. 

But that was not the case with the actually delivered project, because now when I look back, I can see that every project had unique offerings in terms of the architecture, the amenities, the apartment layout options, and the view from the balcony. It’s just that the traditional marketing mediums failed to truly highlight these uniqueness.


Moreover, unlike my parents I was less interested in the apartment and more interested in the facilities and the amenities the project had to offer. Sadly, apart from a checklist, there was no other medium to truly explore and understand these offerings.


Unable to close in on which apartment to buy, we ended up buying a plotted development because there, we could visualize what we were getting in front of our eyes.


But that got me into thinking: How could we go beyond brochures and walkthrough videos--and truly bring forward the builder's vision?


That’s when we realized that it was a technology problem that we could solve!

Also, we wanted to give builders a flamboyant tool that left a permanent mark on the buyer’s head.


And, after months of research, we converged at Virtual Reality and saw all the pieces fall in place. VR and Real Estate were a match made in heaven.


Vikrant Singh

Founder, BlueTick VR

We are a Virtual Reality company. Built and run by IITians, our futuristic visualization solution for your projects can keep all your competition behind."

VR is THE Powerful Way to Stand Out

Home buyers invest their life savings so that they can own the home of their dreams. And they spend between 2.5 to 4.5 months before they make a purchasing decision.

And so, if you don't get their attention by blowing their minds up when they visit you, it's highly likely that they won't buy from you!

Transforming your property into a Virtual Reality experience can do that magic for you!

HOW we make it happen

We build "proprietary" cutting-edge technologies that work miracles to create one-of-a-kind immersive experience of upcoming properties. 

WHAT do we offer

BlueTick VR brings Virtual Reality to Real Estate Visualisations.

We provide Real Estate developers with Virtual Reality (VR) walkthroughs of their upcoming projects. 

And, we bring your properties to life through Renders, Walkthrough Videos, Interior Design, Exterior Design

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