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Build VR Tours Effortlessly

Create VR in any 3D software (3ds Max, Maya, Sketchup)

Salient Features & Benefits

Finally, a VR Creation Platform That Moves You Forward

Enter MakeVR Pro

What is MakeVR Pro?

If you're a 3D Artist or Designer, MakeVR Pro is for you! Create immersive VR interactive experiences for client presentations in minutes and blow their minds away.

The incredibly powerful VR creation tool is so easy to use that you can create a fully interactive VR experience in minutes--even if it's your first time ever working with a VR tool. It's THAT simple!

What would usually take an artist hours to complete is now done with just a click of a few buttons!

Key Features of MakeVR Pro

Experience Virtual Tours Made With MakeVR Pro

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Easy navigation and intuitive control panels

3D Artists need to communicate complex technical details within a short time to clients. Let alone investing time for learning the complexities of making virtual tours. Our MakeVR PRO comes with features and tools that are highly intuitive to use and step-by-step mechanisms to make a complex VR tour in no time. 

MakeVR PRO is a zero-code platform.

We have taken care to eliminate the programming part for 3D Artists and let them focus more on communicating elaborate designs. Creating VR tours with Tour Maker requires being adept with the user interface at the most. The intuitive drag and drop method allows 3D Artists to dynamically change the visual elements, add or remove hotspots at a tremendous speed.  

Superimpose maps and floor plans

Conveying floor plans through drawings is time-consuming when clients have no knowledge of the design at hand. With MakeVR Pro, include visually appealing 3D models and spaces on the virtual tours themselves. With hotspot buttons superimposed, clients can explore the full range of the design. A radar tool continuously indicates in which direction users are looking.

Optimized for all devices 

Our smart algorithms detect the kind of device in use and optimize the frame quality and speed to render a flawless experience. Our Tour Maker automatically optimizes your VR tours for a variety of devices and platforms such as PCs, tablets, android, iOS mobiles, VR headsets without the need for external software or plugins. But it goes beyond.

MakeVR Pro, +91 8473994822

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As a 3D Artist, conveying your concepts and ideas to your clients should be effortless and easy. When it's hard, concepts go through multiple iterations, design processes get longer and sometimes you get less time for the actual tasks. What if we could make this really simple?

What would it take to make immersive visualization a part of your concept approval process and help your clients better visualize your ideas? Well, that's where the magic of VR comes in.

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