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The ultimate checklist to attracting and converting homebuyers fast and easy

Marketing is not exactly creating advertising and let it bring you leads. It should be a calculated and deliberate attempt you can make so that you spend your resources for a maximum dividend.

Many real estate builders and marketers have been trying to find the best way to attract and convert more homebuyers. They spend a lot of time and money on creating the perfect message, designing an attractive website, building a great value proposition, but many of them are still not attracting and converting as many homebuyers as they'd like.

The reason? Probably there is no attempt to aggregate all the marketing methods or lack of monitoring and adjusting their marketing campaigns regularly. It could also be due to a lack of awareness as to the various ways of reaching the target customers. In any case, it's worthwhile to adopt methods that have stood the test of time and generated amazing results.

We present here is the ultimate checklist you can depend upon for attracting and converting your future homebuyers.

Get an awesome website for your business.

Big or small scale, having a website for your website is still a major factor for increased exposure. Most homebuyers research their property options online before deciding to contact a realtor or visit an open house. Your website should be able to provide them with all the basic information.

Be abuzz on social media.

Homebuyers find social media a great place to search for properties so you better be there. Make sure your website is connected to all the relevant social media channels and always post fresh content to keep them engaged.

Build a Brand for yourself.

Homebuyers prefer to do business with someone they are familiar with. Create a strong brand and stick with it through your marketing materials. Keep developing yourself as an expert in your niche.

Make a virtual tour of your properties

As soon as you have a listing, create virtual tours of the property and host them on your website. This way you are sure to have the potential buyers visit you.

Keep tabs on what your competitors are doing

Keep an eye for what your competitors are doing and tweak your marketing strategies accordingly. This way you will not only attract the clients from their list but also keep them engaged with fresh content which in turn helps to boost your brand value.

Have some testimonials ready

Homebuyers love to read authentic testimonials from real people, instead of big corporate words. So, whenever you can, get some genuine testimonials from clients and put them on your website.

Referrals are important

NAR reports that 42% of homebuyers use referrals from their friends, relatives, and neighbors to find an agent. So, ask all of your happy clients to refer to their friends and neighbors. It works! Create an Email Nurturing Campaign

Get your target homebuyers on your email list and nurture them with regular updates and information that is valuable to them. This way, you can stay 'top-of-mind' for your customers years after the sale is completed.

Rethink on traditional marketing methods

Use outbound postcards and hardbound newsletters for your targeted audience. The traditional methods are still relevant but you need to think out of the box to make them work for your business. They're a great way to personalize messaging for priority buyers.

Stay in touch

After your target customers are in touch with you, stay in touch with them. Keep the conversation going and let them know of any new developments. This way they will always consider you as an option when it's time to sell or buy their next home.


The home buying process is not as easy as it seems. Prospective homebuyers often face many challenges before they finally find a property that suits their needs. There could be issues with financing, paperwork, and inspections – the whole process can delay for months.

If you manage to get your future buyers on your email list, nurture them well with regular content and updates, be present in their social media circles and keep your brand consistent through all your marketing strategies, you'll be able to retain them as clients for years after the sale is completed.

What are some of the marketing methods you have found to be effective in any market condition? Share your story in the comments section below.

The BlutickVR team

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